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Word Counter Tool - Best Free Online Word Counter

Word Counter is Free to use Tool to count the word. It is one of the best Word count tool Online Which Helps you to count and calculate the number of words in a text. This Word Counter tool can also calculate the number of characters, Words, Sentences, Paragraphs, and Readability scores. This word counter online tool has no limits for the counting the words and sentences, you can count an unlimited number of words.

The Word counter tool is very useful when you are writing an article or publishing a journal and by using this tool you will be able to determine how many words there are in your text. You can easily check that if there are enough words or it has exceeded a certain limit.

How To Use Word Counter Tool?

The Word Counter Tool is very easy to use for counting the number of words and characters. In This Tool for Counting the words, you have to just input the words in the Given box and it will automatically show the number of words, character, and sentences. After entering the text you can also know the reading time and readability score of the added paragraph.

Where Word Counter Tool can be Used?

This Word Counter Tool can be used for multiple online works such as Writing the online article, content writing, knowing the keywords density, Writing the description for your articles, Google Docs document, Microsoft Excel sheet, academic essays and many more.

Why Word Counter Tool is important?

If you are writing a blog, article, e-book you must have the limit of the words and character so it helps you know how much more words you can write. Some of the online websites have also the limits such as Google AdWords search ads and Facebook banner ads.

You can also find the Words and character limit on different social media platforms. In Twitter, You will find the Character limit of 280 Characters and on Facebook, You can write a post of 63,206 characters. The similar limits you can find on Instagram and Linkedin so This Word Counter tool will help you to count the number of words and characters.

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